Personal Development

Bachman Transitions Lab

At the heart of Bachman Transitions is a daily time dedicated to personal development skills training. This will take place each morning, Monday through Friday, in the Bachman Transitions Lab on the campus of Bachman Academy.


Skills training is more than just classroom learning. It is an ongoing experience designed for students to learn the necessary skills for every day life. Students will develop a toolbox with skills in personal finance, health and wellness, safe lifestyles, conflict resolution, interpersonal relationships, computer technology, and more.
The Bachman Transitions laboratory is equipped with a kitchen area for hands-on learning in meal planning and preparation. The lab environment is established in such a way that the skills students learn will be easily transferred to residential life and, ultimately, independent living. It is truly an experience beyond the classroom.
Students will have opportunities to participate in workshops and seminars led by various guest speakers. They will take field trips to visit a variety of local vocations and training schools. By completing Bachman Transitions, students will have a clear idea of where they are going and how to get there.
The Bachman Transitions instructor will utilize Stanfield Transitions Curriculum®. This research based curriculum has been field tested and  deals with three areas of competency critical to independent living: Personal Management, Career Management, and Life Management.   Lessons are filled with highly motivating, hands-on activities. Topics presented are highly relevant to the real-world orientation of young adults today. 
The Bachman Transitions lab is a place where students will learn and strive for success!