Residential Life

Dorm Life

Through labs, internships, and workshops, students will be learning independent living and personal development skills. The living quarters are where they will actually begin utilizing these new skillsets. Students will be expected to demonstrate competency in the things they learn throughout the day as they are monitored 24/7 by a Life Coach.


The residential portion of the Bachman Transitions program will allow students to begin taking responsibility for themselves, while still under the watchful guidance of Life Coaches. Students will be expected to plan and cook their own meals, be ready for school and work on time, and keep their living areas clean. The living quarters are also a place where students will learn valuable communication and relationship skills as they live with peers their age.


Life Coaches will conduct group learning exercises, both on and off campus. These exercises will build upon what students are learning during the day; such as, opening a bank account or using public transportation. Students will also be responsible for maintaining their own essentials and purchasing them when they are needed. Students in the Bachman Transitions program will plan and manage their own leisure activities. Life Coaches will help students budget and organize activities for recreation and entertainment.


What is A Life Coach?

The role of a Life Coach is to act as a guide, mentor, and teacher. The young adults in the Bachman Transitions program will work with their Life Coach to learn the essential skills needed for independent living and self-maintenance.






The key learning components of the residential portion of Bachman Transitions fall into two categories:


Personal Development

Students will take part in individual and group learning with their Life Coach in the following areas:

Decision Making Strategies
Anger & Conflict Management
Self-Control Strategies
Interpersonal Skills
Stress-free Living


Independent Living

Every day, as a part of the residential program, students will be given numerous opportunities to learn the following skills in a hands-on format:

Civil Responsibility
Meal Planning and Cooking
Health and Wellness
Managing Leisure Time
Financial Planning